What are my duties with an LLC company?

If you have an LLC business, you must report the LLC’s income to the IRS, but it is exempt from income taxes as long as it meets these conditions.
1. You are not a citizen or resident of the USA.
2. You do not have an office in the USA.
3. You do not have employees who are residents or citizens of the USA.
4. You do not have an ETBUS commercial link.

What are the requirements to create an LLC?
  • Be 18 years old
  • Have a valid passport, driver’s license or National ID.
  • Have proof of your address in your country of residence showing your name and address (bank account statement or public service receipt such as electricity, internet, gas or similar)
  • Have an address in the state where you are creating the LLC
What is the BEA survey?

It is a BEA benchmark survey of foreign direct investment in the United States, conducted every five years.

You can complete the document at this link

What is the EIN and how long does it take to get it?

The EIN is the tax identification number of LLCs. This number is used to submit reports to the IRS and open a bank account. Once the LLC is ready, we request the EIN from the IRS. Through our internal system with artificial intelligence we can obtain the EIN in 1 week after the LLC has been created.

What is the ITIN?

The EIN is the tax identification number for foreigners in the USA.

Which states do you recommend creating an LLC?

For the creation of an LLC, we recommend the states of Florida, Delaware, Wyoming and New Mexico.

This decision must supplement the address for the Assigned Agent with an address within the selected state.

What costs should I consider for the annual maintenance of an LLC?

1. Every year to keep your company active, you must submit a report to the IRS, regardless of your profits or losses.
2. Pay the State to keep it active.
3. Have an agent resident in the State in which it was created.

Can I operate my LLC?

These types of companies are very easy to manage and it doesn’t matter if you want to move to another country or live a digital nomad life, you can use the LLC wherever you are.

What’s more, this is an incredible advantage, since in most countries, if you are going to move, you have to close operations, close the company and do a lot of bureaucratic procedures to avoid having to pay so many expenses or make recurring reports.

With an LLC reporting is only done once a year, and it gives you the flexibility to operate multiple businesses under the same LLC anywhere in the world.

What other services do you offer?

If you already have an LLC, you can hire us to:

  • Change your resident agent to us and thus have everything centralized in one place ($380 USD yearly)
  • Get the EIN fast for your LLC if your provider is taking too long ($100 USD)
  • Opening bank accounts in digital banks or connecting with an officer in a physical bank ($500 USD)
  • Obtain the ITIN ($500 USD)

If you want to hire any of our services, contact us here

Why do you need an address in the State?

This address is required and is needed to:
– Registration of your LLC
– Reception of legal documents



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