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cPanel for business

Beginner Level
10 Sections • 30 Chapters
Language: English

The Mautic platform helps you create a strong marketing strategy for your business. 

Course Content


Chapter 1.1: Change language and password

Chapter 1.2: Contact information

Chapter 1.3. User Manager

Section 2: SUPPORT

Chapter 2.1: How to create a help ticket

Chapter 2.2: How to register | transfer a domain

Chapter 2.3: How to upgrade or downgrade the hosting plan


Chapter 3.1: Create email accounts

Chapter 3.2: Forward emails

Chapter 3.3: Change passwords

Section 4: FILES

Chapter 4.1: File Manager

Chapter 4.2: Disk Usage

Chapter 4.3: FTP Accounts

Section 5: DATABASES

Capítulo 5.1: phpMyAdmin

Capítulo 5.2: Bases de datos

Capítulo 5.3: Asistente de bases de datos

Section 6: DOMAINS

Chapter 6.1: How to add a domain

Chapter 6.2: How to redirect a domain

Chapter 6.3: Zone Editor

Section 7: SOFTWARE

Chapter 7.1: SSH Access

Chapter 7.2: IP Blocker

Chapter 7.3: SSL/TLS Status

Section 8: SOFTWARE

Capítulo 8.1: Administrador MultiPHP

Capítulo 8.2: Editor INI de MultiPHP

Capítulo 8.3: Softaculous  

Section 9: ADVANCED

Capítulo 9.1: Trabajos de Cron

Capítulo 9.2: Escáner de virus

Capítulo 9.3: Monitorizar DNS

Section 10: CONCLUSION

Chapter 10.1. Questions and answers

Chapter 10.2. Next steps to follow

Ronaldo Alvarez


I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics in New York City. I am passionate about discovering and implementing technologies to increase profitability in business.

As an Economist, since 2003 I was a regular guest on television programs in the United States such as “Primer Impacto” on Univisión, “María Elvira Salazar” on La Mega TV and “Ricardo Brown” on GenTV among others.

I advised personalities in the entertainment world, including baseball players in the major leagues. I was International Commissioner of the ACE Awards – Association of Entertainment Reporters of New York (ACE).

As an Advisor I have worked with clients in Australia, the United States, Portugal, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Nigeria and Ethiopia, among others.

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