Can I choose the name of my business?

Yes, you can choose the name of your business, although you must first verify with us that it is available. Your link will be for example

** All our platforms have in the footer:

Web Development by 

WordPress Hosting by

Can my business grow to thousands or millions of people with Latin Talents?

Yes, we have experience handling high bandwidth demands and balancing our Linux servers against unexpected spikes in usage.

How long does it take to have my personalized website?

Everything starts when you give us the content: logo, texts, images and videos.

Our goal is to deliver the Platform plan to you within the first 4 weeks. And starting from the Catalog Plan it can take us additional weeks depending on when you deliver the essential elements for the content and how many sections we have to customize.

Can I stop the membership whenever I want or is an annual plan required?

We are convinced that you will have real benefits with your virtual office that we decided not to have annual plans.

This allows you to stop the service whenever you want, just notify 30 days in advance before the expiration date of your plan.

Do you have any referral plan?

Yes, Domiserver’s referral plan is our way of saying thank you. For each interested person that you refer and becomes a client, we thank you with 10% of everything that the new account generates for 3 months.

And for the people that you recommend and mention you will have a discount coupon with 10% on all products during the first three months.

Join the affiliate program by sending us a message.

How much does it cost to place an optional plugin and upgrade from a web plan to another level?

If you request to install a plugin that is free and it is a permitted plugin, the installation is free.

If the plugin is Premium and available, $2 and up are added to your monthly rent to access the plugin license.

Our goal is that it is always cheaper for you to have the premium plugin with Latin Talents so that you can obtain an individual license in the market.

If you want to upgrade from one plan to another, you just have to pay for the new plan to configure your virtual office to the level you want.

Where are the servers located?

Our servers are located in the United States.

What plugins are allowed to install?

Allowed optional plugins:

FluentCRM, FluentForms, Fluent SMTP, Cart Flows

What are some advantages of automated marketing emails?

Automated email sequences

Create emails, filter audience and schedule email delivery with ease.

You can measure when and how many emails were opened and the rate of openings.

You will know purchase history, support tickets and forms sent.

You can segment them by lists, labels and priorities automatically.

Design sequences on autopilot.

Does my virtual office protect users that their data will not be fraudulently intercepted?

Your virtual office has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology and you can confirm it on your Website with the little black padlock in the direction indicated by the browser.

SSL technology is used for data transmission on the internet: it encrypts and protects data transmitted using the HTTPS protocol.

What is your advantage of choosing a pre-designed template?

Creating your website with predesigned structures allows us to offer you affordable Web Plans. Templates are much faster to set up than custom themes.

If you want to have all the functionalities with a low cost, the use of prefabricated structures saves a lot of time.

Finally, pre-designed structures are the best option to have a professional web presence and grow when you have a set budget.

What is the importance of doing maintenance and updates?

Keeping theme and plugin updates up to date costs money not including server maintenance.

That’s why we created these plans to take away your headaches and focus on growing your business.

Can I copy my website and move it to another hosting or take it with me if I end the membership?

No, the websites cannot be copied or migrated to another hosting. If you need a completely independent site, contact us for more details.

What does the Landing Page include?

1 home page
1 footer
1 main menu

1 contact page configured to the email of your preference

Adapted to 3 screens: laptops, tablets and cell phones.

What does the Catalog Plan Include?

Linux Server Configuration
WordPress installed
Divi Builder Activation
SSL Security Certificate (https)
Basic Plugin Combo – includes installation and configuration.

What does the Shopping Cart Store Plan include?

WooCommerce Settings

1 cart page
1 page to finalize the purchase
1 page for your client’s account.


Set up payments and shipping options

Accept cards, transfers and payments integrated with Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other banking systems

Update everything from your mobile app: iOS and Android

It offers from physical products, consultancies, group workshops or any digital content

Sell ​​variations of your products such as sizes and colors, subscriptions or combos.

Add features and functionality to your store.

From in-store enhancements to marketing, multi-channel, and point-of-sale integrations.

Expand your store as your needs and budget grow.

What does the VIP Plan include?

Automated Marketing Emails

Functional plugins:

LearnDash LMS: Create your online school in a simple, fast and professional way. Courses, lessons and advisers.

FreshDesk: Customer support software built exclusively for your team.

Hotel reservation, car sales, real estate and any integration specialized in your industry.

Plugin VIP Combo



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“… thank you!!! For your excellent attention to my requirement to boost my business, the service provided, enthusiasm, professionalism. Without a doubt, I highly recommend your services!!!”

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“beauty and professionalism”

A special thanks … for designing my website with such beauty and professionalism, for an affordable price. The team was highly capable of explaining the entire process to me, and showed great willingness at every step to effectively develop my business vision. Thank you very much!”

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